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Игры Приключения Симуляторы
Разработчик Wuah Co.,Ltd.

A new type of the training collection application appearance which passes both three days of the death-row inmate last moment!

It alternates, while taking care, and I will pass three days of a certain death-row inmates last moment.
The exchange with you affects a death-row inmate. -- A death-row inmates feelings shake as an execution day draws near. -- The body and the heart change! --
And -- execution day -- What does a death-row inmate leave you!?
The new * free breeding game which changes your free time comically [ in surrealism ] and philosophically!

There is no telling whether the death-row inmate have committed what kind of crime, and to have become a death penalty --
Merely having been decided, a death penalty should be executed in three days.
I want during the 3rd to supervise the death-row inmate as a warder --
Although he thinks that it is important duty, I need your help well --

◆How to play◆
1. Solitary Cell
As a warder, if a death-row inmates belly decreases, please offer a meal.
A death-row inmates belly can be filled as an expensive meal.
In order to purchase an expensive meal, please sell the robot doll which the death-row inmate worked and was made, and save funds.
Moreover, if a death-row inmate asks for conversation, please answer your answer.

2. Collection Thing
A death-row inmate evolves or the article left by the departed which the death-row inmate left is added.
Lets aim at complete of all the death-row inmates and articles left by the departed.

3. Purchase
Funds can be purchased for the person that it is troublesome to save funds over many hours.

◆It is the recommendation to such a person◆
- I would like to kill as pleasantly as possible the free time carried out just for a moment.
- I would like to enjoy training and collection for nothing.
- I want the material of talk in Twitter etc.